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Superb steaks at the heart of our offering.

Our locally sourced selection of 28-day dry aged, premium mature cuts are always succulent, tender and full of flavour, but how to choose?


Which to choose? If it’s juiciness, tenderness and flavour you’re after then the more marbling running through the meat the better!


What is marbling? Beef marbling is the small flecks of fat interspersed within the beef as you can see in the picture.


If you’re after a juicy steak packed full of marbling then the best cuts come from areas at the top of the cow where the muscles are the least used, so it would have to be the Rib-eye steak for you!


You can expect to find all the classics; Rump, Fillet, Bone-in-Ribeye and Sirloin alongside our signature selection which includes Wing Rib On The Bone, USDA butcher’s cut, Porterhouse and Chateaubriand on our menu.

Our team will take you through our steak presentation and help you decide on the perfect steak for you.